Gold necklaces, also commonly referred to as gold chains, are strands or links of gold that are attached together to form a circle, and it adorns the neck .  The band part of the gold necklace is called the "chain", hence, gold necklaces are also referred to as gold chains. 

The main component of the gold necklace is the chain, or band, wrapped around the neck.  This is why gold necklaces are often to referred to as gold chains.


Diamond or gemstone pendants are commonly adorned to gold necklaces to create very elegant pieces of fine jewelry.  The value of the gold necklace itself, independent of a pendant, depends upon two factors, the gold purity (karat) and weight (ounces).​

Thicker gold necklaces have become hot items in pop culture.  These thicker necklaces can weigh several ounces or more, and are very expensive.​

Gold necklaces can be worth as little as $10, or as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars, all dependent upon the weight and purity of the gold necklace.

Most gold necklaces are 14K or 18K, but 10K gold carat necklaces are not uncommon.  Pure, 100% gold is 24K gold, so the gold content of a gold necklace depends upon how many karats of gold and the overall weight of the gold necklace.

Gold Necklaces can come in different colors of gold.  Yellow gold necklaces are most common and traditional.  Rose gold and white gold necklaces give jewelry enthusiasts additional choices to match with other jewelry pieces and/or their attire.

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