Lengths & Styles

The style of the gold necklace is typically dependent upon it's length.  Here are the common lengths and styles for gold necklaces:

Gold Collar Necklaces:

Gold collar necklaces are on average pretty short, 12-13 inches long, and fit high upon the neck, and looks like a collar for style.

Gold Choker Necklaces:

Gold choker necklaces are slightly bigger than collar necklaces.  They average 14-16 inches, are short fitting, but can be adorned with pendants or beads.

Gold Princess Necklaces:


Gold princess necklaces are 18-20 inches long.  Princess necklaces are often adorned with diamonds or gemstones and are a standard fit just below the collar bone.

Gold Matinee Necklaces:

Gold matinee necklaces are 22-23 inches long.  Matinee necklaces can often be worn with another, shorter necklace and create a "cascading" necklace effect.

Gold Opera Necklaces:

Gold opera necklaces are pretty big measuring 30-35 inches.  They can be worth as a single or double strand necklace.

Gold Rope Necklaces:

Gold rope necklaces are any length longer than 35 inches.  These are extremely large necklaces and the gold content is material, making this a very expensive necklace.

Gold Lariat Necklaces:

The gold lariat necklace is actually a variation of the rope necklace, it just doesn't have a clasp to connect together.  Because it's so large it's often draped around the neck a few times.

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